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  Mail Extractor Plus - DOWNLOAD NOW!!! (6.5 Mb)

Yahoo or Hotmail users need to have the "Plus" subscription on their respective E-mail providers because it is the only way they will be able to access their mail from a third party program such as Mail Extractor. This is not required for users who don't plan to import their orders from E-mails, nor to use the Autoresponder. Subscription fee on both the sites is $19.95 per year.

At this point, it is not possible to import orders from GMail accounts (POP access). However, the Autoresponder works with GMail accounts (SMTP access)!

New users

1. Download and install new version

2. Import Amazon's Open Listings Report to ME's Inventory Manger

3. Delete previously processed orders.

5. Adjust your Amazon's inventory for new orders (if selling on and/or eBay).

6. Download orders again (no duplicates will be downloaded this time) and immediately create fresh Amazon's Open Listings Report.
Import it to ME's Inventory Manager.
From now on you can download new orders at will.

7. When uploading new items to any of the venues or modifying quantities, make sure that you import Inventory Loader File to ME's Inventory Manager as well.
ME+ allows you to upload Inventory Loader File directly to Amazon, Half (FTP-Power Sellers only), eBay (you must have eBay Store).
You can continue uploading files through Seller Engine if you wish, however don't forget to create Inventory Loader File, save it to your PC and then import it to ME's Inventory Manager.

Starts at $7.95 a month!

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