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Simply clik on any extraction buttons (Default,Alternate,Invoice) for extraction to take place (for customizing extraction templates see EXTRACTION OPTIONS AND EXTRACTION TEMPLATE EDITOR section).

In Mail Extractor Plus extraction means 'showing data extracted from emails'. We provided four different extractions for each email type (Marketplace, zShop,, eBay, Alibris) Default, Alternate, and Invoice. The four extractions have equal features, and the names are conventional - just to make a better distinction. Each extraction is based on a customizable template, which means that you could possibly have 12 different templates: 4 x (Marketplace, zShop,, eBay, Alibris).


You can use Default template to print picking list. You can customize the template so it contains only the data you need in order to pull ordered items from the shelf (SKU, ISBN, Condition, Quantity, Title).

The Alternate template can be used say for printing shipping addresses or any other purpose.

The Invoice template can be used for printing Invoices for your buyer.




Here's a sample extraction (for two orders):

John Malabir

Dept #43-0279 7501 N.W 17th Street Miami, Florida 33026 U.S

Miami, Florida 63126


ORDER#: 058-0938082-8569966

TITLE: Foreign Affairs [Paperback]  by Lurie, Alison

ISBN: 0380709902

CONDITION: Used - Very Good       

SKU: ABC002736




TIME OF SALE: 12-Mar-2004 13:12:39


SELLER COMMENTS: Gently read. Clean, tight and bright.


Daniel Taylor

4506 Dallas Ave.

Santa Monica, California 90103


ORDER#: 058-6112631-3727505

TITLE: The Runaway Bunny [Board book]  by Brown, Margaret Wise; Hurd, Clement

ISBN: 0061074292

CONDITION: Used - Very Good       

SKU: ABC003426


SHIPPING METHOD SENT: Bound Printed Matter


TIME OF SALE: 12-Mar-2004 12:40:32


SELLER COMMENTS: Gently read. Tiny bump to spine top on back otherwise clean, tight and bright board book.




Click the Extraction Options button to edit the extraction templates and to set any other parameters related to the extraction.

A template contains a mixture of text and tags. Tags look like HTML tags, they are special reserved words within "<" and ">" signs. There are five different sets of tags - for Marketplace, zShop,, eBay, and Alibris, respectively. The available set of tags is in the left blue panel. Double click on a tag to place it in the template, on the current cursor position. You can create any combination of tags & text. When extracting, tags are replaced with the actual value of the parameter (pulled from the email). For example, <TITLE> will be replaced with the original book item title. The text parts will remain unchanged.

You can also mix pictures with the tags and text. However, PICTURES SHOULD BE AS SMALL AS POSSIBLE IN FILE SIZE, AND PREFERABLY BLACK & WHITE!!! Black &White pictures take less memory resources, and therefore it takes less time to generate the final text.


The template showed in the editor is used to generate the above sample extraction:



Some options in the menu of the Extraction Options Window (Extraction Templates Editor)


Edit Separator String

This is an editable character string which helps the program to know where to make page breaks when printing the text in "One record per page", ie. when that option is checked in the main window. There are more details about this string in one of the next sections.


Show Date on the Top

Instructs the program to generate the current date at the top of the extraction in the main window.


Group extraction by venue

This is a type of group sorting. It instructs the program to group the printed text by venues (Marketplace, zShop,, eBay, Alibris), but still using the actual sorting method (by date or by SKU).
If not used, Mail Extractor Plus will mix Amazon and Half orders according to the applied sorting method.




The "Use special fonts" option in the Extraction Template Editor is on by default. When generating extraction, the program uses different formats of fonts, depending on one of the specificities of the order. There are the three such cases:

- International orders
- Orders in which ordered quantity is greater than 1
- Expedited orders

This option overrides some formatting in your templates, such as color, size etc. Play with it, set different fonts, it's the best way to learn how it works. Don't forget to check "Use special fonts", otherwise it won't work.




By "extraction" we mean the content generated when hitting any of the extraction buttons (Default, Alternate or Invoice). The extraction can be edited manually. When printing the extraction, you can choose between two modes:

-         print continuosly

-         print one record per page

Uncheck "Print One record per page" to instruct Mail Extractor to print as many orders' data as can fit on one page. In this mode Mail Extractor will not split your order's data onto two or more pages, beacuse it has a smart print processor which can achieve this by detecting the Separator String*, and calculating the printing space needed for each order's data. As it detects that there is not enough space to print the complete data of an order on the current page, it passes to a new page to commence printing for that order. In this mode, Mail Extractor prints the Separator String to visually separate records one from another.

Check "Print One record per page" to instruct Mail Extractor to print the data for one order on a single page. The second order's data will be printed on the second page, etc. In this mode, the separator string is not printed.


* Separator String a character string which represents the divider between records. You can edit this string, but please use an unusual string, which is never expected to be a part of any order's data. Otherwise, printing might be erroneous.



Every time you hit the Print command, Mail Extractor will ask you if you want it to assign a group number to the orders. The way it works is already described in the Description of Field Columns section.

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