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The orders in the main window can be sorted in 5 different ways:

  1. By date descending
  2. By date ascending
  3. By SKU alphanumeric
  4. By SKU numeric
  5. By Shelf

The difference between 3. and 4. is the way in which SKUs are treated. If your SKUs don't contain just numbers, you should use the alphanumeric sort, because Mail Extractor have to use your SKUs' alphanumeric value to determine their position in the row. However, if you use only numbers to form your SKUs, then you can use the numeric sort and your orders will be sorted by your SKUs' real numeric values.

Sort by shelf is the sort method for the users whose SKUs start with "S_X;". The "X" is any number. The orders will be sorted by numerical values of "X"s in your SKUs.



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